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Drainage System Maintenance

Some of the drainage systems within the Town limits fall under the jurisdiction of the Village of Camillus, Onondaga County or New York State, or private ownership and not the Town of Camillus' Highway Department.
Many follow along their roadway systems.


Town Drainage Systems


Closed Drainage Systems:
Closed drainage systems consist of a closed conduit system having inlet structures spced to collect surface water. The Towns' closed drainage system requires periodic maintenance, such as inlet hydrovacuum cleaning, pipe flushing, basin rehabilitation or replacement and pipe line replacement.

Roadside Gutter System:
The Towns' roadside gutter system is design to convey stormwater runoff to the closed drainage system inlets. Years of roadside settlement may have caused our gutter system to pond water or have a reduced conveyance capacity.


Stormwater Detention/Retention:  Many of the Newly constructed housing developments have drainage systems leading to a stormwater impondment area known as a detention or retention basin which has been designed to control the rate of stormwater discharge to downstream areas. These impoundment areas need periodic monitoring and maintenance to assure they retain their design storage capacity.

Open Swales and Drainage Ways:
Throughout the Town there are many open drainage ways, streams, or swales which convey stormwater. 

Green Infrastructure:
The Town follows the NYSDEC regulatory requirements in maintaining existing drainage patterns and runoff rates. This may be done through use of Green infrastructure.

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